Develop purpose of this machine

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In the ornamental fish farming industry, the major factors restricting the development of the industry are sickness and water quality. The most hazardous are Ammonia Nitrogen and Nitrite. The result is unsatisfactory for the traditional ways: Disinfectant, Nitrifying Bacteria, Antibiotic Drugs, and UV Germicidal Lamp. They have disadvantage of residual pollution and super infection, so we develop this product of AQUARIUM SMART STERILISER.
If, according to the traditional way, Nitrifying Bacteria can solve everything, why the Ultraviolet Lamp will be born? Why you use the Ultraviolet Lamp? As we all know, the light wane of Ultraviolet Lamp is quite faster, it is just a decoration after half or one month later. So, it is not the best way to choose.
We have to admit, no matter how powerful of the filter system it is, the aquarium water is still the backwater; the aquarium animals drink their own fecal water every day. According to the traditional way, the aquarium will become ecological aquarium after adding Nitrifying Bacteria; in this case, the backwater swimming pool will become ecological swimming pool after adding Nitrifying Bacteria. And dare you swim in this kind of pool? Please calm down and think about: it is already the backwater aquarium, you keep adding such kind of Chemical Agent or other Medical Liquid week by week, can the water dissolve them, is there any residue or not?
Fish feces and the leftover fish food will lead to water become muddy, smelly and bacteria growth. It is easy for aquarium animals to be sick or die. Since it is an objective fact, we must think it hard and solve this problem. That is why we develop this product of AQUARIUM SMART STERILISER.